Restricted Keys

As your secure building-entry partner, Opening Technologies is here to help you determine what type of key solution is best for your facility.

For entries with conventional lock-and-key systems, it’s important to select the system that provides the level of security and control that your building requires.

A restricted system uses specially-designed key blanks which can only be obtained with authorization by the building’s owner or administrator. Opening Technologies employs certified technicians to plan, install, and maintain your complete restricted key system.

Key system planning is critical

Staff turnover is a normal part of business operations. But without a system in place for tracking keys amidst staff changes or reassignments, you may find that your record-keeping – and therefore your building security – is out of control.

Opening Technologies takes the extra step of planning for these changes when designing the mathematical systems that take into account your projected growth. Along with the restricted key hardware installation, we deliver a complete key system plan that takes these normal events into account, eliminating confusion, costly errors, or compromised security.

Let the specialists at Opening Technologies design the perfect system for ease of use, accessibility, protection, privacy, tracking, control, and security for all of your building’s interior and exterior keyed entries.

Leave the complexities to us.

Contact Opening Technologies’ Restricted Key Services Team.

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