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Last month, Opening Technologies was featured in iDigHardware, a popular website for answers to door hardware and code questions.  Throughout the years, we have had multiple opportunities to be highlighted by Lori Greene, the blog’s founder.  The most recent article tackles a tricky situation in California coding regarding vertical actuation bars. 

In California, the building code requires automatic operators to have two actuators – one at the standard height and one near the floor for use by people who need to use their feet, crutches, wheelchair footpads, etc. to push the actuator.  In lieu of using two actuators, the CBC allows a vertical actuation bar.  The actuator in the photo will need to be moved down in order to comply with the CBC, but the question is this: Would/should the obstruction of the handrail be allowed if the actuator can still be operated in the locations (at the specified distance AFF) where the two actuators are required by the CBC? Would this meet the intent of the code?” – Lori Greene, iDigHardware

For more Opening Technologies’ featured articles on and more click here. A special thank you to Lori for over a decade of serving the industry.


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