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1. What is no longer working efficiently?

It is important to note that not everything is in need of updating. Don’t change something just to change it. However, when you take a closer look at some of your company’s business practices, be honest.

What is working?
What is not working?

Inefficiencies are what are causing companies to be left behind. Are you selling the right product? Is your technology holding you back from the volume needed to keep up? What trend is a short term fad versus a long term solution? What needs to evolve?

2. Include a variety of perspectives

This introspective process should be inclusive of members inside and outside of your organization. Involve key employees from different departments. Don’t be scared to utilize personnel who are newer to your company to gain an alternative perspective. Fresh eyes will give a fresh take that others could be missing because of familiarity with your current policies and products.

3. Use data, not your gut

A common mistake businesses make is basing decisions on the past, a feeling, or a sole person’s expertise or mindset. Do your research on modern policies and practices to gauge which are a fit for your culture.

What trend aligns with your core values and key objectives?
What data point suggests increased revenue and customer satisfaction with your book of business?

4. Give your customers what they want!

Send out a poll to your top customers to see what they value the most. Is it a new proposal template? Automated submittal approval reminders? More communication? Less communication?

It is easy to assume what you think others want. There is nothing like getting the truth directly from the source.


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