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Doors are the most touched, handled, and abused architectural features in any commercial building.

Doors may appear to be among a building’s simplest features, yet their proper selection and flawless functioning are critical to safety, security, and environmental control, protecting both property and people in your building, campus, commercial or industrial space.

Commercial doors are more complex than you might think.

For entries with conventional lock-and-key systems, it’s important to select the system that provides the level of security and control that your building requires.

It’s something we rarely think about, but a single door is comprised of products from many different manufacturers. The door itself is made by one manufacturer, while doorframes, locks, hinges, closers, door stops, and other components are each manufactured by different companies. Coordination, preparation of each component, and proper installation are critical to the door operating as it should.

Mechanical hardware integration

Whether you’re a general contractor constructing a new building or a building manager overseeing existing structures, Opening Technologies eliminates the complexities of replacing, repairing, or installing manual or electrified architectural doors.

We look at your building plans or operation as a whole: how many entrances are there? How many staff need access to which spaces? What kinds of access hierarchies exist in the organization? We then we plan how best to integrate manual and electrified doors with locking systems, key cards or keyless entries, camera surveillance, and automatic entryways to satisfy each requirement of the business that occupies the space.

Entrance Systems Supplier & Installer

Whether you’re in a construction, relocation, or growth phase, Opening Technologies is the only partner you need for complete opening solutions.

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