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Do you remember when you first thought of becoming an architect or contractor? Maybe you were raised in a family that was already in the construction industry. Or, your imagination was stoked by seeing a beautiful building or creative architecture. For some, it could have been an early introduction into the trades from a high school wood shop class.

On May 5th, it was our honor to sponsor the 2022 Design Build Competition in Sacramento. This opportunity gave over 800 students across Northern CA the “highlight of their year” by competing with their newly built sheds, tiny homes, benches, pergolas, and more! In addition to sponsoring the competition, we partnered with the local team, Concord High School. The Minutemen built an exceptional tiny home and did a great job!

After two years of the event being postponed, it was exciting to see students back together, working as a group and learning new skills. Schools registered for this year’s Competition last fall, designed their structure in January, and went through a plan review in February. Many built practice structures this spring on their campuses. Thanks to the generous support of all sponsors, the Construction Industry Education Foundation was able to transport materials to 44 teams throughout California to compete in the 2022 Design Build Competition.

Opening Technologies offers our congratulations to all students for participating! It won’t be long until we all find ourselves working side by side with them in the field.

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