Card Access & Cameras

For modern organizations, building access control is a critical part of your operations.

Controlling who enters your buildings, sensitive spaces, and outbuildings is simplified through the use of access control systems that may include a combination of access cards, keypads, or mobile apps, and video surveillance.

Opening Technologies

Low-Voltage Integration Professionals

Our certified technicians can expertly plan, install, and maintain every component of your building access systems, including:

• Access control systems

• Video surveillance systems

• Biometrics including fingerprint, hand geometry or facial recognition

• Card key systems

• Mobile apps that replace physical key cards

• Wireless and cloud-based systems

Access Control

Access control systems give employers the ability to restrict access to locations that staff, managers, customers, or vendors and suppliers can enter. Having the right system in place allows you to set precise levels of access, while balancing the needs for safety, efficiency, and convenience. When you have staff turnover or changes in roles, updating credentials is all that is needed to prevent people from gaining unauthorized access. Access control systems also offer time zone controls, allowing you to customize when users can access areas of the building.

Ask us about Discretionary Access Control (DAC), Mandatory Access Control (MAC), and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems allow you to see who has entered or left your buildings, as well as what they’re brought in or out of your facilities. This level of control simplifies building operations, ensures the safety of your building occupants, as well as safe-guarding your property, product, and equipment.

Tracking and Auditing

Real-time data tracking and auditing capabilities with a user-friendly interface allows you to audit your security procedures, review operational flows, track staff movements, or look up a specific event. Opening Technologies can even integrate your access control system with your time and attendance system.

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