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Breaking hinges.  Dragging doors.  And a 350-pound problem.

In 2010, American Canyon High School was getting ready to debut its beautiful new school nestled in the southern end of the Napa Valley wine region.  As is the case in construction, there are many details to focus on and unbeknownst to all, a heavy problem was just beginning.

Flash forward ten years, and the entrance to the highly trafficked admin office and library were barely operable.  An attempt to meet fire rating requirements and aesthetic design goals resulted in a 4” thick, 350-pound door. The door had broken its hinges, repeatedly been dragging on the ground, and ultimately, could no longer be closed.

At this point, the Napa Valley Unified School District contacted Opening Technologies to see what we could do to help.  Then, COVID provided our Associate, Matthew Remington, with plenty of time to work with the many parties involved to find a solution.  He contacted the esteemed architecture firm (Quattrocchi Kwok Architects – Santa Rosa, CA) who provided the original drawings.  From there, Matthew contacted the door and framing manufacturer to gain more information.  After speaking with SaftiFirst (Brisbane, CA), their excellent team was able to diagnose the problem.

“From the architect to the manufacturer to the School District, we all collaborated to determine what exactly was needed.”  said, Matthew Remington.

New frames and doors were engineered and designed with special fire rated glass, as originally spec’d by Quattrocchi Kwok.  Albert DeSousa, Director of Maintenance at the Napa Valley USD, helped coordinate the funding and installation of the new 40 pound doors (now that’s some weight loss!).  With school back in session, students and faculty are now able to safely enter and exit these two important buildings on campus.

As is said, “Together, we can do so much.”

Many thanks to the Napa Valley Unified School District, Safeti First, Quattrocchi Kwok Architects, and our very own team of Opening Technologies associates.

Check out more of the weight loss program at our LinkedIn Page.

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